BUS 3620 Web Page Assignment

BUS 3620 Web Page Assignment

Each student will create his or her own home page on the SPU Internet ("myhome.spu.edu") server.

Minimum requirements for this web page include: 

By February 12:

  • nice background
  • a link to another web site
  • a picture on your web page
  • a link that will send email to the
    owner of the page

(This gives you 20 points.)

By March 7:

  • a link to another web page that you have created (and a link back)
  • a link to a Word document
  • a link to a PowerPoint presentation

(This gives you 20 points.)

Add at least 3 extra components and have a more creative webpage, to earn another 10 points
- an "A" grade.
Examples of something extra include (but are not limited to):  video, music, password, thumbnail image, favicon, search feature, mouseover, etc. 

Additions suggested by Dr. Sleight:

  • Customized graphics to provide a coordinated "look and feel" to your site.  Look here and here.

  • Graphics used to create an image map or thumbnail images that link to larger images.

  • add your own custom favicon.ico or "favorite icon."

  • Google search box to your page.

  • See what else you can add with scripts or code provided by others.

  • Consider creating a personal link page that you can add to over time.  It is a valuable personal resources.  Here's mine.

Class notes: 

Lesson 1:  Getting Started on the Web at SPU

Lesson 2:  Using Microsoft Expression Web 4

Lesson 3:  Enhancing Your Web Site with Advanced Features

Personal Web Pages at SPU

Sample Student Web Page